Creating a hassle-free investor experience

By April 17, 2018Landlord

First Property Management was started by Mohijit and Cynthia Sengupta in April 2012. They were property investors themselves and so were many of their friends. They found that there was a unfulfilled need for professional property managers in Auckland. They decided to fill that need by offering a rental property owners a hassle-free investor experience. They decided to build a business like you would build a house.

First they created a blue print, a vision for their business. The goal was to become a trusted partner in the rental property business in Auckland in particular and a source of expert real estate advice for investors, in general.

The foundations were laid by adopting a technology based approach. They invested in the best available, cloud-based, property management systems. This provides us with accurate accounting, database management and inspection capabilities, second to none. It allows our clients online access to everything they might want to know about their property information, anytime, anywhere in the world.

The four pillars of our business are integrity, respect, care and common sense. Our Landlords know that we will always be transparent in our dealings with them, our tenants know we will treat them with courtesy they deserve. We care about the  properties, as if they were our own and we use a common sense approach to conflict resolution.

The walls and the roof of our business is communication. We endeavour to keep all stake holders, Landlords, Tenants, Suppliers, Tradespersons, well informed with clear and timely communications. This is arguably the most challenging part of our business, but also the most rewarding.

When you move your business to us, we want you to feel safe, secure and confident that all your needs will be looked after. We like to call this your hassle-free investor experience.