Getting ready to sell

By September 20, 2023Landlord

Think carefully about major renovations, you may not get your money back if you tackle big jobs like modernising the kitchen or bathroom before selling. Carefully budget for these if you do decide to go ahead. Your agent may be able to help you decide which actions are likely to increase the value of your property.

Most experts agree there are low-cost activities like decluttering, cleaning, touch-ups and repairs that can make a big difference when you come to present your home for sale. Street appeal is important so ensure your section is tidy and inviting.


Removing clutter will make your home look larger and more appealing. Start by removing everything you haven’t used or won’t need to use for a while. Consider hiring

a storage unit so you can remove surplus furniture and other items away from the house, or store items in cartons neatly in the garage.

Remember to declutter cupboards too, buyers will check storage during open homes. Tidy, organised cupboards imply that the rest of the house is well looked after. This is true of kitchen cupboards, drawers and the pantry.

Use decluttering as an opportunity to sell or throw out items you no longer need and don’t want to move to your next property. Remove or replace any chattels that you don’t want to sell before the first open home or ensure that the agent is aware of what chattels are not included in the sale.

Deep clean

When your home is free of clutter and surplus furniture, it’s a good time for a deep clean. Clean everything, everywhere. Think about hiring a professional cleaning team to do this for you if you are short of time. Consider

having the carpets professionally cleaned, this can make a big difference. When the deep clean has been done, it will also be much easier to clean before each open home.


Start thinking about the house objectively as a property for sale. This will help you remove yourself emotionally from your home and will help you see it as a buyer would. Talk to your agent about who is likely to be interested in your property, and think about what will appeal to them.

Remove personal photos and items, consider having your home professionally staged, especially if your furniture is old and tired and think about painting over bold colours and dated wallpaper.

Attend some open homes in your area and take note of what works well and what does not and replicate what you feel is appropriate for your own home.

Street appeal

The house exterior and garden should be tidy and inviting, first impressions are important. Keep lawns mowed, paths swept and free of moss and weeds. Mulching the garden can be an instant improvement and will help manage weeks while your home is on the market.

Check that all the fences are in good condition and declutter the section. Wash the house and any other buildings on the property and clean all the windows. Check that the front gate is clean, tidy and working well. The letterbox also should be clean and in good condition with clear numbering.

Check out your front door and consider a fresh coat of paint or varnish and a new doormat and maybe adding some potted colour depending on the time of year.

Touch-ups and repairs

Most of us have a list of jobs around the house that haven’t been finished – well now is a good time to get these done. Fix any issues like leaks, damaged retaining walls and broken drains.

Attend to things like dripping taps, cracked windows, holes in walls, tired paint, sticking doors and lightbulbs that need replacing. Your agent will help you prioritise the tasks to tackle if you’re short of time or budget.

Importantly, make sure you have consent and compliance documentation for any changes you’ve made to the property.

Informing your tenants

If you are selling a property that is tenanted, it is important you let the tenants know at the beginning of the process so all parties are aware of their rights and responsibilities.

You must advise the tenants in writing. You and your real estate agent need permission from the tenant to access the house for photography, open homes or any viewings.

You and your agent need permission from the tenant before including any of their possessions in marketing photos. Tenants can set conditions about property access.

For more information go to the Tenancy website.